Physics of Liquid Matter: Modern Problems
May 23-26, 2008, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine

Map and Route

Local Map

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How to get to Physical Department

The Route from the airport "Borispol"

After getting out the airport building You should pass forward and right up to a stop of the bus "Polet". You will reach the terminal stop "Ploschad Pobedy" by this bus. On this square You need to approach to the department store "Ukraine", and sit on trolley-buses N5, N17, N9 near it and pass up to the stop of the Metro "University". Enter the Metro and follow under "The scheme of arrival to the Physics Faculty from the railway Terminal"

The Route from the Railway Terminal

See the picture here

Number 1 at this scheme is the railway Terminal. Leaving the Terminal building from the central enter You should turn left and pass along near 100 m to the metro station "Vokzalna" (number 2 on the scheme). In the metro, go to the right platform, board the train and arrive to the station "Kreschatik" (number 3 on the scheme). At the station "Kreschatik" You should change the metro line. On the line "Geroyiv Dnipra - Lybidska" at the station "Maydan Nezalezhnosti" (number 4 on the scheme) go to the "Lybidska" station (number 5 on the scheme). This is the terminal station. After leaving the metro station turn to the right and pass up to the end of the underground tunnel. Go out the street by left stairs. Then go straight to a trolley-bus stop (number 6 on the scheme). By trolley-buses N2, N4 or N11 reach the stop " Expocentre of Ukraine " - number 7 on the scheme (time of trip is about 25 minutes). Go along the trolley-bus route about 70 m, on the right You will see the white building of Physics Faculty - number 8 on the scheme. The address of Faculty: Glushkova avenue, 6. A fare in the underground and trolley-bus is 0,5 UAH (1 USD = 5,5 UAH). The coupons on trolley-bus travel can be bought in a kiosk near a stop (or right inside the trolley-bus). If You arrive at night (reservation desk works from 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.) You should get to the hotel (Hotel of Institut Pislyadiplomnoyi Osvity, Vasilkovskaya St., 36) by taxi.